Tuesday, November 22, 2011

pumpkin ravioli (flop)

I went to a church activity the other day where a girl was showing all of the things she had done to use food storage.  She demo'ed how she made ravioli.  I thought it would be a great idea to try the home made dough and try making my ravioli, but it was not such a great idea.  Apparently I made my dough too sticky.  (At least that is my guess in looking more closely at her pictures.  I think it came from my trying to use egg powder.  My egg powder can says 1 egg is 2 T egg powder and 4 T water.  I didn't use that much, but I think I ended up using more that the original post which is here.  Anyway, the pumpkin middle was from double delicious.  I thought the flavor was only OK.   It felt a bit too mushy to me.  Maybe needed a bit more ricotta.  Overall I was under impressed and it took me absolutely forever to make.  I hate that.  Waste hours for food that isn't very tasty.  Blah.  I did think that the double delicious idea of using wonton wrappers was cute, and I totally should have done that, but somehow after the demo home made noodles looked sooo easy.  Ha, Ha, Ha.  One day I will learn how to make them properly.   Saturday just wasn't that day.  :(  I do have to say that Tavio seemed to love these.  Had seconds and thirds.  I however just managed to make it through my firsts.

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