5 Star foods

This is my newest work in progress addition to my blog.  I'm trying to get a better way to find things I'm looking for.  I routinely search for 5 star recipes but there are so many that I have a hard time sorting through them, so this page is my solution.
9/20/14 - Finally updating this after YEARS. (2010 is the last recipe I can find listed on this page)
 I'm tired of going to the search box to find something and it not coming up.  Yesterday it was cheese enchiladas.  Search brings me up chicken enchiladas, honey lime enchiladas, and things that aren't even enchiladas but NOT the recipe titled cheese enchiladas.  Why does it do that?

5 Star Foods

Strawberry spritzer
chocolate covered cherries freeze

Main dishes
Crock pot Cabbage rolls
Pilaf with meat and fruit
Drip Beef
Turkey Tacos
Asian lettuce wraps
Southwestern bean chowder
ham and broccoli rolls
Baked strawberry salmon
Orange chicken
Chicken Enchiladas with roasted tomatillo sauce
Ribs with cherry cola barbecue sauce
Tandoori chicken and naan
Bread topped hamburger casserole
Mummy Sandwiches
Hawaiian haystacks
Home-style chicken and corn
Parmesan drumsticks and sweet potato fries
Karley's pork (aka cafe rio pork)
Creamy Mexican turkey soup
3 bean chili
German Potato salad with sausage
Lumpias (like won tons)
Tuna biscuit ring
Oven fried chicken monterey
Layered Enchilada casserole
Mongolian beef
Smoked pork loin in a pastry case
chicken pot pie
Three-cheese manicotti
chicken pilau
Greek pitas
Pasta beef satay and stir fry veggies
Orange marinated chicken with smoky tomato salsa
Not fried, fried chicken, fresh veggies and dip
Cashew chicken
Crunchy Onion barbecue chicken
Chicken, phyllo egg rolls and teriyaki vaggies
Bacon chicken burgers with sweet slaw
David's ribs
Thai Chicken
Ravioli with tangy butter
Fish and chips
Chickpea wraps
sweet potato pancakes
Potato and feta Spanish "tortilla
bacon quiche
Barley and almond casserole
Lemon Chicken
Orange chicken (with hidden veggies)
cheese nachos (with hidden veggies)
BBQ chicken salad with cilantro lime dressing
Korean glass noodles
Pork Milanese
Cheese Enchiladas
Chicken bundles and lemon rice
Thai fried chicken
Baked Southwest eggrolls
Sweet pineapple and red bean bundles
Coconut chicken fingers
Egyptian lentils
Sweet and sour hot dog stir fry
Chicken fajita chowder
Microwave mac 'n cheese
Greek Tilapia
Crispy baked drumsticks with honey mustard sauce
Ham and corn chowder (slow cooker)
Tilapia with green beans almandine
Cran-orange pork tenderloin
Chicken in light cream sauce
Country chicken with gravy
Reuben sandwich
Beef enchiladas
baked fish with cheese sauce
taco soup

Chocolate loves Vanilla Bread
Irish Porridge Bread
Hungry girl banana bread
Cheddar cheese tortillas
Blueberry zucchini bread
Wheat bread
Rolls/ cinnamon rolls
Sweet corn bread
Cream cheese banana bread
garlic herb bread
Hamburger buns
Oat rolls
wheat tortillas
wheat pitas
corn bread (cream of corn recipe)
push in pie crust
English muffins
Ciabatta Integrale
pie crust

Side Dish (fruit or veggies or pasta)
Coconut glazed Fruit Salad
Twice baked potatoes
Black beans
Cheesy risotto
slow cooked mac 'n cheese
pilaf made from black bean salsa
Summer squash saute
seasoned corn with bacon
Mexican white rice
Rice pilaf
Chicken poppy seed salad
guacamole and pico de gallo
limey refried beans
black bean pasta
grape salad (sweet)
kinda greek salad
apple sausage stuffing (slow cooker)

Cobbler Oatmeal
lemon ricotta pancakes
Easy cream cheese danish
Whole grain waffles with blueberry sauce
Rice pudding
Peach puff pancake
Chocolate banana muffins
Strawberry cheesecake pancakes
Cinnamon french toast sticks with spicy cider syrup
Tender sour cream waffles
pina colada oatmeal
Overnight peach french toast
Pancake mix; shake and pour
Raspberry breakfast cake
overnight honey nut granola
Lemon Cranberry muffins
tropical waffles
buttermilk waffles with buttermilk syrup
chunky monkey pancakes

raisin and pecan wraps
Fruited tuna salad

chocolate chip cookies
Honey cheesecake bars
German's Chocolate cake
Microwave caramel corn
Chocolate cream cheese brownies
Cream cheese mint brownies
Pecan-Rum bars
sugar cookies and buttercream frosting
Double chocolate cranberry chunkies
Double fudge brownies
lemon-lime bars
Cannoli cones
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
Oatmeal raisin cookies
Cherry pecan brownies
raw cookie dough bites
Healthy chocolate squares
healthy blender ice cream
Chocolate molten lava cake
Lemon Chiffon pie
gluten free chocolate cake
pumpkin cake with coconut pecan topping

Maple chex mix
No bake peanut butter bites
2 more popcorn/snack cereal
Chicken log
chocolate reeses popcorn

Condiments, sauces, and meats
taco seasoning
catalina dressing
ranch mix
chia jam
The best peach jam
Sweet and sour onion marmalade (pizza sauce)
butter rum syrup
pickled onions
Italian sausage
American farm sausage (breakfast sausage)

Bath salts and scrubs
Foaming hand soap or body wash
My favorite play dough
Peanut butter play dough


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