Sunday, May 9, 2010

chicken, phyllo egg rolls and teriyaki veggies

This is another recipe from Family Dinner fix by Sandi Richard.  I didn't change anything except to double the pineapple/cherry sauce, so I won't post the recipe.  It is on page 158.  She calls it Cheater Spring Rolls, chicken with cherry-pineapple sauce and stir-fry veggies.  This one did take some prep to do.  Her recipes are usually pretty easy, and this wasn't super difficult or anything, you just had to start the night before (or early in the morning.) and make the coleslaw filling for the spring rolls (made with phyllo dough) the get the chicken soaking in buttermilk.  It was a bit more difficult to roll the phyllo dough.  It was good, but regular spring rolls would have been good as well and easier to roll.  Just depends on whether or not you want the nice flakiness of phyllo.  It did go well with the breaded chicken.
Everyone liked this.  The baby only ate the chicken, but the rest was well received by everyone.  There were no left overs.
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