Wednesday, May 26, 2010

menu 5/27

This week's menu is some left over from last week because we ended up going out once, and having dinner at a friend's another night. that is fine with me since I want to finish quickly. Plus my internet has been down the last 2 days and of course all of my recipes were online. Thank goodness for my iphone.

b-omlet, juice
l- boca burger
d-falafel see here for another picture

l- sauteed peppers and zucchini pita
d-stroganoff, salad

b-Overstuffed peanut butter 'n banana french toast (HG p. 288)
l-peachy-keen black bean soup (HG p. 200)
d-Grilled pork chops with fabulous green beans (TOH p. 81)
s-chocolate covered cherries freeze (HG p. 205)

b-bagels, fruit and milk
l-exploding chicken taquitos (HG p. 246)
dessert - cocoa meringues with berries (toh p. 72)

b-Overnight peach french toast
l-hawaiian slaw (HG 277)
d-Marinated veggie beef kabobs (toh p. 82)

b-pancakes (try mix in bosch book)
l-turkey chili (frozen)
d-corn, rice and bean burritos (toh, p.33)

l-pbj, carrots, fruit
d-Turkey and fruit salad (with chicken -minus the spicy mustard TOH p 38)

Well, here are the ones I wanted to try last week but didn't because I'm not ready for that much mexican yet, plus some more I found this week.

Must try these enchiladas but not this week since I already have some on the menu
also want to make Turkey tacos (love these and haven't had them in a while BC feb 06 p.45)
Would love sweet corn potluck pudding on a slow cooker day with a beef or pork dish (pb jan
Found another something to try edamame guacamole
Also want to try fiesta bites HG p 252

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