Saturday, May 8, 2010

Menu 5/6

I'm so behind on posting my menu.  It is only made enough that I could do the grocery shopping -meaning I have a list of dinners, some lunch ideas and some breakfast ideas, but nothing put together.  I prefer it to be all done so I can know what I need to do for the week.

Posting dinners from Thursday and Friday and today so I don't forget to blog those meals, but not the whole day since they are already gone.

Thursday - Chicken, phylo egg rolls, teriyaki veggies FDF
Friday - Bacon chicken sandwiches and sweet slaw S&D p. 21
Saturday - Rigatoni with bacon and asparagus HC p. 23

Sunday - start some sprouts for tuna salad pita
b-oatmeal or a bagel but I think I'm out of bagels
l-veggie wrap attack HG p. 118 grapes
d-Pizza, and I know DH is making me carrot cake for mother's day.  New recipe - can't wait.

b-double cinnamon apple breakfast bowl HG p. 119 - have with toast
l - roast beef sandwich with cheese, carrots and celery, peaches
d- pistachio baked salmon, Italian style green beans S&D p. 17

b-cold cereal or toast with peanut butter, fruit, milk
l - Tuna salad pita S&D p. 30
d-slow cook fiesta beef bowl S&D p 14

b-stuffing egg muffins
l-boca burger (HG 128 or 130)
d- pineapple pork stir fry s&d p. 56


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