Sunday, May 30, 2010

cutting mats

There are just some products I really like in my kitchen. as I was chopping stuff for stroganoff the other day, I thought about how much I like these cutting mats, so I took a picture of them. I have 4 big ones and 2 little. One for veggies, one for red meat, one for chicken, one for fish, and actually 2 tiny ones for nuts or cheese. All but the tiny ones have cute pictures on them so you know what they are for. You can keep things seperate, you can curl them up to funnel things into a pot of bowl, and then throw them into the dishwasher to clean them. (This is actually my favorite thing about them.) They can curl, but I don't really have trouble with them staying put while I cut, so I like them. Just thought I'd share.  They are convenient.
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