Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not Fried, Fried chicken, fresh veggies and dip

This was delicious.  I made no changes, so I won't post the recipe.  It is on page 102 in the book and I highly recommend it.  A few notes - I couldn't find a poch of tomato cup-a-soup.  I did find a package of tomato soup mix that was super old.  I was afraid it would ruin the meal but it didn't.  I also needed more than the 2 egg whites.  I hoped that I could just get by with the little bit left on the plate, but I wouldn't recommend that because they turned out a little powdery on top.  I guess the flavor was fine - no complaints, they just weren't as aesthetically pleasing.  I made part of these with skin and part without.  The recipe didn't specify skin or no.  The ones with skin seemed to crisp up quite nicely.  I ate the ones without skin and they were great as well.  Definitely a meal worth repeating.

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