Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dough scrapers

These are another tool I really like that I didn't start using until semi-recently. I decided to write about them because the green scraper was the only thing that helped me scoop the roll dough into the muffin tins today. I learned about dough scrapers at a bread class I went to about 8 months ago or so. I learned how to knead bread by hand using a dough scraper in 1 hand and kneading with the other. I like that, so I decided to get one. However, I couldn't find 1 like the 1 I used in the class, and there were 2 I couldn't decide between online. I ended up buying both, and I like both for different reasons.

I have this oxo scraper. I really like it for kneading bread, and scraping my counters clean. It is also easier to see the numbers on this one and measure things like width of dough you are rolling out or the width of a pita. It can actually also chop things so it is a nice multipurpose tool. I use it to chop dough into pieces, and Benjamin uses it as his chopper to help me dice veggies somedays.
I also have this green isi scraper. It is not as handy to cut things because it is encased in plastic, but it does cut. It is also not as handy to measure with because the number 1 is above the notch and so it is hard to use. However, it is very handy for scraping bowls, and it can cut through dough - just not as well as the other one. This tool really helped me make rolls today because I could scrape the dough with the tool, then use it to cut off a piece just by pushing it against the side of the bowl.

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