Monday, April 19, 2010


Wow am I glad to have a computer again. Now I have a ton of work to do updating my blogs. I got our family vacation on the other blog, but still have a birthday to do, our garden, a child who got braces off, and just some general family stuff to blog. Here I have a good weeks worth of recipes and tons of photos to add. It will take a while, but I'm starting with my menu because I wrote it on the other side of my grocery list, then lost my list. I've been looking for it all weekend, and just as I was about to redo it, I found it in a pile of stuff that fell out of my purse when the baby knocked it over. I've looked in my purse a ton of times because that is where I thought the list/menu was and I couldn't find it. Go figure. None the less, I'm happy I found it.
I'm also going back to doing my whole day with breakfast, lunch and snack out because in only 2 weeks I'm already not eating my veggies like I should.

Already done this week
Parmesan Tilapia with dilled brussel sprouts and carrots S&D 24
Spicy meatball sandwiches with cole slaw FDF 116

B- peanut butter on wheat, oj, yogurt
l-blt on a pita, cantaloupe, milk
d-pork and pineapple taco (LCp 217)
s - sweet potato with black beans and salsa

b-oatmeal applesauce muffin, grapefruit, yogurt
l -egg salad pita, summer squash, grapes, pudding
d-thai chicken salad FDF 104
s-carrots and hummus

b-oatmeal, raisins, hazlenuts and milk
l- hummus pepper pita, apples and peanut butter, milk
d- hearty red beans and rice with squash S&D p. 66
s-celery and cashew butter

b-french toast - Hungry girl, fruit,
d-not fried chicken FDF 102
s-yogurt and baby carrots

I don't want to plan this far, but I already have one dinner left over
Open faced Texas burger S&D p. 66

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