Thursday, April 22, 2010

menu 4/22/10

Menu time again.  Feels too soon since I just went grocery shopping on Monday because I got so far behind last week.  Working the same as last week with 3 meals and a snack - even though I haven't followed my snacks or lunches very well, just having them written out somehow helps me make better choices.

Changing Thursday dinner to a crock pot meal - sweet lentil stew SD p. 161, whole grain rolls, salad

Friday -
B-omlet with green pepper, onion cheese and salsa
L- Tuna Salad (Firm book p. 23)
S-bean dip with salsa and carrots
D-Open face Texas Burger, corn and bacon S&D p. 25

B-Cannoli-stuffed french toast nuggets (HG p286) oranges, milk
L-Cottage cheese and pineapple, carrots and hummus, crackers and peanut butter
S-Turkey breast and summer squash
D-Creamy Ziti (SD p 160) salad

B-Peanut butter on toast, grapefruit, milk

L-Turkey Sandwich with tomato, cottage cheese and peaches
S-Turkey bacon with peas
D-Cashew chicken, brown rice (SD p 178)

B-Pina colada oatmeal, milk
L- Cheese and Hummus sandwich, apple, carrots with dip
S-celery and peanut butter
D-Honey Barbecued Salmon (SD 159) baked potato, green beans

B-Waffle, yogurt, fruit
L-cashew butter sandwich, cream cheese filled celery, grapes
S-lemon pepper black beans and corn
D-Italian spinach braid (HC p. 45)

B- cheese wrap, canteloupe
L-Nachos with beans, red pepper
S-Yogurt and carrots
D-Chicken enchilada casserole (HG p. 66)

B-Cream cheese and raisin pita
L-Sauteed peppers and zucchini pita with mozzarella, apple, milk
S-Celery with cashew butter
D-Tomato-molasses pork loin with rice and spinach salad (FDF p. 154)

Also want to try beso mi queso at hungry girl

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