Monday, July 25, 2011

English muffins

Brandon wanted me to make Eggs Benedict for either father's day or his birthday, and it just didn't happen on either of those days. (with home made English Muffins and everything.)  However, I did finally get them done.  We had wanted to try an Alton Brown recipe we had seen on Good Eats, but on the day we finally decided that we had time to do these we hadn't started the dough the night before.  However, we found another good recipe on The food network to try and it worked out great.  It is yet another Alton Brown recipe - just not the overnight one.   Just click on over to their site.  Brandon made the dough.  I scooped did the baking after it had risen.  I highly doubt he changed anything, so no need for me to post my version.  :)
I did like making them in fun shapes.  Everyone wanted the heart shaped one.
I definitely want to try these again.  They were not overly difficult.  I'd love to try them in a wheat variety.  I'm also pretty sure that this is from the muffin man episode and he did some flavored ones (like blueberry or something) that I'd love to try.  Certainly I'll think twice before buying them at the grocery store.  (Although I do need to get another set of rings.

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