Monday, March 21, 2011

Tomato basil quiche

I think this is the first or second quiche I've tried. I'm sad to say I was disappointed. The recipe is from the $5 dinner mom's breakfast book. p60.  I liked the flavor of the tomato and the basil, but I cooked it 15 minutes longer than it said to and it was still a bit too soft for me. Brandon liked it just fine, so it gets 3 stars - 4 from him and only 2 from me.
  I also had trouble with the crust - it didn't roll smooth, transfer easily or anything nice.  Just troublesome.  I totally should have used the home made pie crust I had in the freezer.  Anyway, I'd also probably add a bit more flavor to the egg mix - like some garlic mix, and maybe cut out 1/2 cup milk to make it less soft.  I do want to try more quiches.  I am intrigued by them.  I actually bought mini muffin tins today so I could try some of the mini ones I've seen around.
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