Monday, March 21, 2011

Rosemary orange chicken

This is another recipe from $5 dinner mom, but this one from the dinner book. It was super simple - Toss a chicken in a crock pot with 1/2 cup water (I skinned my chicken probably should have waited until it was cooked, but I wanted the seasonings on the chicken not the skin. Anyway, slit an orange, stuff it inside the chicken with a few sprigs rosemary. Sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper. Cover with the juice of 2 more oranges. You can see I tossed in a few sprigs of rosemary. The original directions were for 8 hours on low I didn't put this in until later in the day so I put it on high and figured I had 4 hours. It was overdone after 3.5 hours. So, definitely put a thermometer in it or something. The dark meat was still nice and juicy, but the breast was very dry - orange rosemary was a decent flavor though.
She served this with mashed sweet potatoes and peas. I actually liked the mashed sweet potatoes and I only put a little butter and little salt and pepper in them. I'll have to make those again.
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