Monday, March 21, 2011

Cucumber sandwich with chickpea summer salad

More lunch ideas from $5 dollar mom's breakfast and lunch book. (see page 172 and 253 for complete recipes)  I really liked the cucumber sandwich and they were super easy. It was just half a package of cream cheese with 1 teaspoon minced garlic and some dill (1-2 teaspoons?) Spread that on the bread and top with cucumbers. I cut mine in half lengthwise then deseeded them and chopped them into 1/2 moons.
I wasn't as big of fan of the chickpea salad. It was just chick pea onion, red pepper and cucumber. Maybe if it only used 1 can of chickpeas?? Nope, I probably still wouldn't like it. I'm just not a fan of chick peas. They are great in hummus, great in my favorite chocolate cake, but a bit dry of a texture for me to enjoy them as the main bean in a salad. I do however think I would like this salad with another bean substituted. It was just a Tablespoon of vinegar and of oil with a bit of garlic mix (I used a garlic salt that had a few herbs in it. The original called for twice the oil but I really have an aversion to my food feeling oily, so I used only 1 Tablespoon. I was totally fine with that.)
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