Monday, March 21, 2011

egg tortilla casserole

Here is another item I made from the $5 dinner mom breakfast cookbook. This one is on page 56. My only change was to use 3 burrito sized tortillas rather than 6 soft taco size. This was a fine casserole, but took twice as long to cook as the book said. I never like that, but especially at breakfast when I'm really hungry. :) While I liked this meal just fine, I think I would have preferred to just make some breakfast burritos. It would have been much faster and easier. I just remembered I used 1/2 salsa and 1/2 taco sauce - mostly because I'm not a huge fan of the salsa I have right now. I'm still not posting the recipe because it did take a very long time to cook, and like I said, I would have preferred egg burritos. Maybe someday I'll expand on the idea - add some diced red pepper or something, but for now, this is all I'm posting.

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