Thursday, December 2, 2010

menu 12/2 2010

Debated starting some Christmas cooking this week, but DH will be out of town, so we are going to keep it easy. - Reasonably so anyway - a couple of Sandi Richards recipes - love her book they are always pretty simple to prepare and tasty.

cream cheese danish
rice pudding - rizogalo (try the new brown rice)
french toast

Peach black bean soup

Split pea soup - using this recipe but modifying to include a ham hock and probably diced ham
Chicken tortilla soup (PB 9/07 p. 87)
Tomato cranberry pork chops with rice and greek salad (SR -- p. 118)
Traditional pot roast (FN p. 170)
Gingered beef with egg noodles and snap peas (SR p. 94)
Tuna steaks with green onions and orange butter (BC 9/09 p. 50)
Tex-mex chicken with corn muffins and salad (SR p. 92)

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