Friday, October 28, 2011

Cheese tortellini pesto pasta salad - Fail

I had such high hopes for this pasta salad.  It looked delicious.  The ingredients sounded great, and it came from recipe shoebox and I usually have wonderful luck with her recipes.  However, I'm not sure what happened with this.  I think we just had a pesto that we didn't like.  Plus I had a bit of bad luck with both of the garlics I bought around this time being super strong.  Between the 2, it just had a pungent flavor that was overly strong for a pesto pasta salad.  I wouldn't mind trying this again with milder garlic and possibly my own pesto.  It truly looks and sounds like it should be delicious.  Click the link to recipe shoebox for the recipe if you'd like to try it.
Looks good right?

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