Thursday, February 17, 2011

menu 2/17/11

OK, making a good menu again this week - I must eat more fruits and veggies - and not just in green smoothies.

B- Grapefruit, toast with cream cheese, (or stuffed french toast if I get fancy)
L - Cottage cheese and pineapple, baby carrots, crackers and peanut butter
D - Nachos with left over pork from the other day)
Snack - yogurt
Make Pitas

B-Waffle w/yogurt and strawberries
L-Egg salad pitas, Microwaved summer squash, vanilla pudding 
D- Chicken broccoli and smoked mozzarella
S - almonds and carrots

B- Cereal w/fruit
L - Chicken/spinach salad w/feta, orange
D- Frisco Melt (p. 104-105)
S- bean dip with salsa, baby carrots

B -Breakfast pizzas
L-Tuna melt with grapes and celery
D-Ham and Broccoli rolls
S-green smoothie

Tuesday -Benjamin's Birthday
B- ?? donuts? baked oatmeal ?
L-Nachos with red peppers, black beans, cheese - pineapple
D- Karley's pork

L-Asian chicken salad with wheat crackers
D-Fillet o fish (p. 80-81)

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