Tuesday, February 1, 2011

toasted nutella and raspberry sandwich

So, I saw this posted on two peas and their pod just yesterday.  I thought it looked delicious and planned to put it on my want to try it menu.  Then I stopped by the Walmart Neighborhood market to pick up buns yesterday because it just wasn't working to make them with all my in and out dropping kids one place or another between tutoring, basketball and wrestling last night.  Anyway, Walmart happened to have Nutella sitting there in the middle of the bread display.  I knew I had picked up raspberry jam for tonight's recipe (sadly I'm out of home made at the moment) so I grabbed the nutella and buns and whipped these up for breakfast.  It even helped me use up the loaf of bread that had been out of the freezer for 2 days and not touched.
  I had every intention of making them like French toast to put my own spin on it, and I may try that another day, but today after my morning run, (during which the temp dropped 20 degrees - crazy!!)   I didn't have time to make the batter and cook them up.  It was easier just to grill it up.  I figured I'd make it as french toast for everyone else later, but DH wanted to eat his in the car and thought it sounded less messy grilled and the younger 2 ended up eating in the car as well because I let them sleep until the last minute before leaving for preschool.  One day I do want to try them as french toast, but they were delicious as grilled sandwiches as well - even though I burned the second set trying to get laundry done while cooking.  Multitasking ruins more of my meals....
So, check out two peas and their pod's site.  Super cute pictures - she cut hers in a heart shape, and certainly used more nutella than I did.  I just spread a thin layer, and used wheat bread.  Still tasty, and easy as well.  Definitely a keeper.


  • Bread
  • Nutella
  • Raspberry Jam
  • butter, or butter spread, or butter spray (for grilling)
  1. Spread Nutella and Jam on the bread to make a sandwich.  Butter (or spray ...) outsides of Sandwich and grill over medium heat until nicely toasted.

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