Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mexican Torta

Here is another recipe I was worried about before I ate it.  Honestly it wasn't because it looked like it would taste bad or anything, but I made so many changes to the recipe I was afraid it wouldn't work out quite right.  It actually turned out to be pretty tasty and vegetarian (the original wasn't.)  I may still work on a modification that is only beans - no TVP because that isn't a regular person ingredient.  I'm pretty sure it isn't something I'll buy again having learned more about soy.  However, I have it in my food storage so I used it in this.  Feel free to use 1/2 pound turkey or beef with some taco seasoning in place of the tvp.
Whew, started this yesterday, made it 3 days ago.  I hope I still remember what I did because I had the last piece of left overs for lunch this afternoon, and I definitely liked it.
Here is how I made it -I'm putting some easier substitutions along with what I did. --Yea!  Pictures are back.  Now to update the blog.  I'll be busy for a long time.  :)


  • 1 Tablespoon butter
  • 2 cups diced onions
  • 2 cloves garlic, pressed
  • 1/2 cup taco tvp -reconstituted according to package directions- (or 1/2 pound ground turkey or beef and an envelope of taco seasoning or homemade equivalent)
  • 1 4 oz can chopped green chilies
  • 16 corn tortillas
  • 2 cups shredded Monterrey Jack cheese
  • 1 16 oz can refried beans -(I used 1 cup ground pinto beans whisked into 2 cups boiling water with 1-2 Tablespoons of home-made taco seasoning then cooked for 1 -2 minutes and pureed with my stick blender. I didn't use all of the beans, but most)
  • 1 7-ounce jar roasted red bell peppers, drained (My jar had red and yellow)
  • optional toppings - salsa and sour cream
  1. In a large skillet saute onions in butter until translucent.  Add garlic and cook another minute.  Add meat and cook, or just add already reconstituted taco tvp and stir to combine.  (If using meat, add the taco seasoning according to package directions)  Add the chilies and heat through.  Set aside.
  2. Heat oven to 400.  Lightly grease a 10 inch pie plate (mine is 9.5 and it worked fine - very full, but it fit.)  Cut 4 of the tortillas into wedges and put evenly over the bottom of the pie plate.
  3. Spread half of the tvp (or meat) mixture over the tortillas.  Top with 1 cup of the cheese.
  4. Cut 4 more tortillas into wedges and place evenly over the cheese.  Spread with all of the beans. 
  5. Cut 4 more tortillas into wedges and place evenly over the beans.  Top with roasted peppers.
  6. Finally cut the last 4 tortillas into wedges and place evenly over the peppers.  Top with remaining tvp or meat mixture.  Sprinkle with remaining cheese.
  7. Cover and bake 30=40 minutes or until cheese is melded and center is hot.  (I covered with non-stick aluminum foil and I took it off at 30 minutes, but let the cheese brown up a bit longer.)
  8. Serve with sour cream and salsa if desired.


  1. This sounds sooooooooooooo good! I want to it now!

  2. Just had it for lunch. It was yummy. Can you tell what I'm doing instead of coaching soccer today? :)



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