Thursday, January 14, 2010

Menu Jan 14

This week I actually started out in some cookbooks - and old ones I never use too. I guess I just had them before I became more adventurous. I started this whole eating lots of different food with recipe magazines that had pictures of everything I was trying. Only recently have I started to just go through cookbooks without pictures and try recipes.

Tossed Macaroni - My kitchenaid mixer recipe book - I never use this. Hope it's good. peas
Chicken Noodle Amandine - also from the kitchenaid mixer book both are page 74 green beans
Hamburger corn bake - Betty Crocker cookbook -never use this either- page 245
Sausage and corn Bread - Betty Crocker cookbook page 260
Mongolian beef from your homebased mom's website (supposed to be like PF Changs) broccoli
Oven-fried chicken Monterey -Betty Crocker cookbook page 297 salad

I was going to be done, but in looking for a fish meal, I found this that I will just add on for next week. OK, maybe there will be more than one.
layered enchilada casserole (beef)- saving dinner p 92 corn or green beans)
Turkey with apples and cheddar-saving dinner p. 93 (sweet potato)
Apricot fish - saving dinner p. 91 (zucchini)

When I pulled out my Lakes ward cookbook to look at dinner recipes I changed my mind, but in closing the book I accidentally saw a recipe for Chocolate Waffle cookies - page 80 - They sound too interesting not to try.

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