Sunday, January 30, 2011

German chocolate bars

So, I love pretty much anything chocolate, and if you throw in coconut, pecans and caramel all the better, so this really caught my eye when I saw it in my Simple and Delicious magazine.  When I read that it also had crushed pretzels I was even more curious to try it.  I finally got the chance today because I was bringing treats to our choir potluck.  I made lemon bars (used that recipe just all lemon) which I know are good, and tried a new one. While they were good, they were over the top sweet for me.  I find that a lot when I use butterscotch chips though.  Somehow I manage to always forget that about butterscotch chips and try it again.  I like them in cookies, but I've made fudge with them, and not cared for it.  This recipe was super sweet, but the thing that threw it over the edge for me was the butterscotch chips.  It may be a lot better without it.  However, I think I'd rather just make Hello Dolly's (speaking of  which I'm pretty sure I don't have a recipe for those posted on the blog.
For the recipe go here.  I didn't change anything except for adding a couple of Tablespoons of coconut just because that was all that was left in the bag.  Nothing else different.
Oops, I apparently didn't take any pictures of this either.

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