Friday, January 7, 2011

Teriyaki burgers

I'm getting a bit more lazy, and posting this with only a link.  It wasn't my favorite burger in the world, it was just OK, so no typing it all in.  I didn't make many changes in the recipe other than I think I make 7 burgers so I have a couple of tinier ones for the littler boys in my house, and I also used all ground beef.  I buy 93/7 and DH bought 85/15 on the turkey, plus it was being used in the lettuce cups we had the next day, and some reviews said the turkey made the burgers crumbly, so I went with beef.  I also made some other changes mentioned in my problematic experience with these burgers.
I think part of the problem with these burgers were just the fact that many things frustrated me while making them

  • couldn't find the magazine - from a taste of home healthy choice magazine.  DH made the menu/grocery list and even did the shopping this week, but I have no clue what happened to this one magazine.  Should go check the recycle bin.  That is where I finally found the last one I was looking for.
  • He didn't buy buns and I didn't plan ahead to make any - but he got some on the way home from work.  Go DH.
  • I ran out of my lovely jarred minced ginger (I did not use a full teaspoon and a half - actually I used a teaspoon of ginger/garlic blend from a jar, and then the rest of what was in my jar of ginger.)
  • I ran out of ketchup.  Luckily DH picked  some up on his way home, but the original sauce was a bit shy of the 1/4 cup ketchup it called for.
  • My breadcrumbs were full of weavil - luckily I had some dried out wheat bread which I ground in the food processor.
  • All of these delays frustrated me because I made a goal to have dinner on the table by 5:30 so people could eat and get on their way - I thought this was a simple meal to make, but after looking for the magazine for over 20 minutes, I didn't manage to even light the grill until after 5:30.  I am glad that I finally got the great idea to look for the recipe online though.  Yeah!
  • By the time I was grilling it was too dark to see - I burned the baby burgers.  Even the not burned burgers tasted a bit dry.  Should have just pan fried them.  I thought about it when I started so late, but really wanted the flavor of the BBQ.
  •  The pineapples didn't grill up as nicely as I wanted to.  - Would use a real pineapple not canned if doing this in the future.
So, all of that being said, the burgers were a bit dry like I said.  I've made a super simple healthy girl teryiaki burger before that just had teriyaki sauce on a veggie burger patty with a pineapple or something super simple like that, and it was better than these which ended up sucking up way more of my evening than I had expected.  
However, maybe I'm just crazy, or biased by my bad experience.  They are well enough rated on the taste of home website, so feel free to check them out.  I do love the concept, because I do love a good teriyaki burger.

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