Tuesday, March 9, 2010

menu March 10

That worked well planning out my breakfast and lunch - doing the same again this week.

Thursday -
B - applesauce oatmeal muffin, yogurt, fruit
L-Milk - left over meat or beans, pear, broccoli, roll
Dinner Beef Satay and sweet potatoes (on last week's menu)
Snack - hummus with cucumber

B - cottage cheese and egg breakfast wrap, grapefruit
L - Turkey breast, cheesy mashed potatoes, cantaloupe
D -Cocoa Crusted pork tenderloin with mole sauce (sparkpeople)
S - Almonds and carrots

B- pancake, strawberry, yogurt
L -Cheddar, broccoli and bacon topped baked potato
D- Orange tilapia in parchment HC p. 47 (zucchini, carrots) wild rice (find a recipe)
S -apricot-ricotta stuffed celery HC p. 40
Dessert - peanut butter cheesecake HC-p. 27

B-Cream cheese and raisin pita
L-Hummus pepper wrap, apple and peanut butter, milk
D -makeover Country fried steak HC p. 21, Mashed potatoes, baby Carrots and broccoli
S-lemon pepper black beans and corn

B-oatmeal with pears and hazelnuts
L-Asian chicken salad, cottage cheese, tomatoes, fruit salad, wheat crackers
D-Black and White checkered chili SD 141, Corn bread, (HC p. 63) salad
S- Roasted beets, almonds

B-Peanut butter toast, oj, yogurt
L- Turkey and cheese pita, carrots with dip
D-Simple sesame chicken HC p. 51 Two tomato pasta TOH website
S-bean dip salsa and carrots

Other things to make - maple-glazed chex mix - p. 19 Healthy cooking 2-3/10
Dulce de leche rice pudding - HC p. 34

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