Thursday, March 4, 2010

Menu March 4

Here is this week's menu. It is like last week's to help me plan for snacks, lunch and breakfast so I eat a balanced diet.

Oatmeal with raisins and almonds
beans and salsa with carrots
Japanese grilled Chicken, Rice and stir-fry

Bagel, cream cheese, strawberries, milk
ham sandwich
make pitas --- snack - celery with peanut butter
chili, corn bread (ward activity)

waffle with peanut butter, oj, yogurt
egg salad pita, carrots, grapes stake picnic
cucumber with hummus
Salmon with cranberry-lime sauce, brown rice and broccoli

cereal, almonds, grapefruit, milk
Nachos with cheese, peppers and beans, pineapple
Yogurt, baby carrots
all day roast with fries and peas

eggs with cheese, toast, oj
hummus and pepper pita, chocolate frozen yogurt, strawberries, almonds
celery with almond butter
Mexican Beans and Rice Food Nanny p 122 Fresh salsa p 125<

bagel with cream cheese, grapefruit, milk
Turkey and cheddar pita with spinach, apple
black bean and salsa with carrots
Pasta Beef Satay SD 140 Sweet potatoes p. 63 toh salad

cheese wrap, orange
spinach and cheese omlet, toast, pear
Hawaiian Haystacks

Whew, just saved myself a ton of time during the week. I can't believe how much time I can spend contemplating what to eat. So much easier if I have it all planned out, and not that includes my breakfast, lunch, and snacks - at least until I get used to eating correctly again.

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