Thursday, March 25, 2010

menu March 24

Had a few requests this week - hot dogs, 3 bean chili - super easy meals for me. Plus I have big boys on campouts this weekend, and never made Tuna Tetrazzini last week because we did Chick-fil-a for a cancer fund raiser. OK by me. I decided I didn't want chutney glazed meatloaf and 2 of my planned meals could work as 1. I had planned 7 weeks of dinners while riding in the car last week. I need to post them. The page has gotten ripped out of the spiral notebook and I'm already having to look for it, but I've been having computer issues making things difficult.

B-cereal, milk, grapefruit
L- cream cheese walnut and lettuce wrap
d- hot dogs, green beans, cantelope
s-hummus and red peppers

Friday -
B- waffle, blueberries (or raspberries) peanut butter, yogurt
L-cottage cheese and pineapple, wheat crackers and peanut butter, carrots and hummus
d-Creamy pesto penne (S&D p. 12)
s- celery with almond butter

b-egg burrito, grapes
l-nachos with bell peppers, beans, and cheese, pineapple
d-Grilled sirloin (LC p. 264) Rice and black beans pilaf (LC p. 156) salsa, fruit
s-cucumber and hummus

b- peanut butter on toast, apple, milk
l- vegetarian chili, corn, cheese, grapes
d- veggie medely and tuscan chicken (S&D p. 22) jello with fruit
s -yogurt and baby carrots

b-cream cheese and raisin pita
l-spinach omlet with toast, pear
d- bean tortilla (LC 208-209) Tapas Meatballs (TOH p. 56) red peppers, salsa
s -ants on a log

b-oatmeal with raisins, milk
l-egg salad pita, summer squash, milk, grapes
d- Dominican Turkey
s - black bean dip and carrots

b-bagel, grapefruit, milk
l-bran muffin, salad with white beans, fruit
d- 3 bean chili, corn bread, corn
s- almonds and carrots

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