Thursday, March 18, 2010

Menu March 18

I'm so bad at actually following my menu that I'm in here editing it.
Thursday - out of town

Friday -
B -Oatmeal with raisins
L - Asian chicken salad, tomatoes, wheat crackers, cottage cheese, fruit coctail
D -Chicken and pita salad TOH s&d p. 11
S -almond butter and celery

B- grapefruit, toast with cream cheese,/grapefruit, bagel w/ cream cheese
L - Bran muffin, vanilla pudding and strawberry, salad and white beans/ Tuna pita melt, grapes, vanilla pudding
D - Orange Tilapia HC 97 (left from last week) zucchini, carrots in recipe - saffron rice, strawberry cobbler
S - cucumber and hummus

B- cheerios and berries, milk (make berry milk shake-ha, too cold for that today) applesauce muffin, almonds, yogurt, raisins
L- pepper and hummus pita, chocolate frozen yogurt and strawberries, almonds/ nachos w/pinto beans, red pepper, salsa, and cheese, pineapple
D- Chili mac and bacon broccoli salad TOH S&D p. 21 Peanut butter pie
S -almonds and carrots

B-cottage cheese and egg wrap
L-cashew butter 1/2 sandwich, celery and cream cheese, grapes
d- pupusas LC p. 206 central american slaw - p. 116
s- chicken salad

B-applesauce oatmeal muffin, yogurt with raisins and almonds (swap with Sunday)
/L - peanut butter and crackers, cottage cheese and pineapple, carrots and hummus
D- tuna tetrazzini with corn and peas FDF p. 68
S - almonds and roasted beets

b-cheese wrap with cantelope
l- vegetarian chili, corn, grapes
d -Orange marinated grilled chicken with smoky tomato salsa LC p. 246
s-lemon pepper black beans and corn

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