Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Menu Dec 31-Jan 6

OK, I'm going to start writing down my menu on my blog to save my sanity. I'm forever misplacing it. Sometimes I'm very good, stick it to the fridge and it stays there nicely, but other times, it just grows legs and walks away. I was thinking I'd just type in my recipes for the week right now, but then I couldn't write all the things I change as I make them, so I'm just going to write myself a menu here. Then if I can't find it, it will be right here easy to get to.
I got a new cookbook for Christmas, so many of these come out of that cookbook this week. The new book is The food nanny rescues dinner. We'll see this week if the recipes are any good.

Fish tacos, lime rice, black beans, red peppers. P. 95, 123
Chicken noodle over mashed potatoes. P. 38
Lumpias - mom's recipe
sweet potatoes and pork chops, (saving dinner p. 314)
spaghetti carbonara alla mario p. 60
chicken fajita soup p. 52
slow cooker sweet and sour pork (taste of home p. 45)

Also planning on trying blueberry croissant french toast from p 99 and whatever else I find that looks good to try.
I have some crescent rolls to use up, so I'll try this recipe for Danish rolls too.
I also want to try this microwave granola.
and this breakfast casserole

This is way easier that what I was doing - saving a word document with links to recipes I found online that I wanted to try. I'm liking the menu on the blog option.

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