Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ian's Monster Muffins, kitchen gadgets

I tried these muffins out of my cookbook that came with my new bosch.  I didn't care for them, but am posting them to talk about my bosch, and my cute flower pot muffin holders. I'm also writing myself some suggestions for next time.  These were a healthy muffin, flax, whole wheat and rolled oats with applesauce, banana, dried cranberries, and raisins.  Definitely good for you, but they were just plain in the flavor department.  Had a banana flavor but lacked something.  (Ideas, more sweetener, a little almond extract, and/or more cinnamon would make these better.  I'd like to see them taste more like a banana bread.)

Here is why they were fun - I ground my own flax in my blender - love that this blender is that strong.  I don't have to buy flax meal again, and I do use that in one of my waffle recipes.  I also ground my own wheat in my wondermill, and rolled my oats in my marga grain press.  I love it when I can to that.  Somehow it just makes me proud.

These were to be made as monster muffins, and I don't have a large muffin tin, but I do have these cute little flower pots.  I really like them.  They cook nicely, and the food comes right out of them.  I found them at an outlet mall long ago and originally bought them because I had a recipe for bread in a flower pot or something. I would make bread, then crochet a flower, put it on a wooden skewer, stick it in the bread, transfered to a real flower pot and give them as gifts.  Fun.  I haven't done that probably since I had kids, but it was fun when I did.  (Maybe I should try it again.)  Anyway, that is how I ended up with the flower pots, but I really like them.  I have 2 sizes, a large muffin and a small bread.  I had more dough than fit in my 6 muffin pots, so I ended up using a bread pt as well.  You can't really tell the difference well in the picture though.  The empty pot is actually larger.

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