Thursday, June 24, 2010

menu 6/24

My my am I far behind.  I can totally tell that DH is out of town and all the boys are home.  Keeping me super busy.   Not to mention that I've been on a massive cleaning spree.  Doesn't leave a lot of time for cooking extra meals, and even less time to blog what I have cooked.
This week I checked out a new book by Sandi Richards.  I love her other book.  That made menu planning pretty simple this week.  I have a lot of stuff I didn't do last week plus I'm  going to go and plan using sparkpeople and my head for lunches and breakfasts just to make my life as easy as possible.


  • Salsa-Cinnamon chicken, couscous, peas and corn.  pg. 50 - 20 min prep - ready in 40 min
  • Udon noodle soup with crunchy spinach salad (pg. 62) 15 min prep - ready in 25
  • Beef fajita sir-fry on pasta (p. 114) 20 min prep, ready in 25
  • Maple baked beans with multigrain bread and mixed salad greens (p. 118) 20 prep, ready in 20 - must start the night before - soak beans.  Also need to start early to make a multigrain bread.  
  • Taco Pizza with melon salad (p. 140) p. 15 ready in 35 - start dough the night before to make homemade
  • Apple-cinnamon pork chops with cranberry-rice stuffing and carrots (p. 140) prep 20 -ready in 60
  • I also never made turkey tacos last week slow cooker meal.
Breakfast - 1/2 of these I didn't do last week.  The rest are from sparkpeople
  • still want to try applesauce tortillas from the tortilla book
  • fro-yo'd oatmeal - HG p. 34
  • Breakfast cookies -HG p. 18
  • Blueberry muffin -HG p. 26
  • bagel, fruit, milk
  • egg burrito (look for fun tortilla recipe)
  • pb oatmeal (or pina colada)
Lunch - didn't try any of the ones from last week.  
  • coconut chicken taco (HG - 148)
  • Turkey bacon cheeseburger (HG p. 154)
  • Lean bean n cheese enchiladas (HG p. 168)
  • cream cheese, walnut and raisin wrap
  • egg salad pita, vanilla pudding, summer squash, grapes
  • ham sandwich with tomato, cottage cheese and peaches
  • tuna salad pita, raisins

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