Thursday, June 3, 2010

menu 6/3

b-5 grain pancakes
l- sandwiches or left overs
d-Adobo chicken and potatoes

b-Overstuffed peanut butter 'n banana french toast (HG p. 288)
l-hawaiian slaw (HG 277)
d-Spaghetti with cheesy tomato cream sauce (food nanny p. 66)
d-dessert - cocoa meringues with berries (toh p. 72)

b- Monster muffins (bosch p. 9) (make in flower pots)
l-chicken quesadillas 

d-broiled dijon burgers (bc heart healthy p. 22)

B -
d-Grilled pork tenderloin infused with garlic and lime (simple summer meals (pb 01?) p. 39), twice baked potatoes
d-coconut tres leches

b- oatmeal
l- French dip sandwiches
d-black beans and rice

b-Peach puff pancake
l-fiesta bites HG p 252
d-Grilled Salmon with Fresh Lime Cream (bc heart healthy p. 25) spinach mango salad - (same p. 41)

l- boca burger
d- Asian chicken salad (find recipe we have used)

stuff still on the waiting list
Must try these enchiladas but not this week since I already have some on the menu
also want to make Turkey tacos (love these and haven't had them in a while BC feb 06 p.45)
Would love sweet corn potluck pudding on a slow cooker day with a beef or pork dish (pb jan

Found another something to try edamame guacamole
ribs with cherry  cola barbecue sauce (bc 09 p. 32)
Crepes for breakfast
chiles rellenos casserole (toh p. 33)

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