Thursday, June 17, 2010

menu 6/17/10

I'm feeling incredibly lazy about menu planning today.  Probably because I have so many other things to get done.  For now, I'm just listing a few ideas I have for the week.  Maybe I'll get back to it and put it by day, but then again, maybe not.

Breakfasts -
still want to try applesauce tortillas from the tortilla book
fro-yo'd oatmeal - HG p. 34
Breakfast cookies -HG p. 18
Blueberry muffin -HG p. 26
Chocolate oatmeal pancakes - HG p. 30

coconut chicken taco (HG - 148)
Turkey bacon cheeseburger (HG p. 154)
Lean bean n cheese enchiladas (HG p. 168)


Pabellon - Father's day Try these plantains, these black beans, and this carne mechada but add cumin
Salmon - Whenever we celebrate Duncan's birthday - baked citrus fish (SD p 172). Twice baked potatoes, asparagus
Manicotti - Karley's book
Turkey tacos ( BC feb 06 p.45)
 Ham, Sweet corn potluck pudding (PB Jan 59), green beans (from last week that didn't get made)
Orange chicken (but just use sauce and pre-cooked chicken.)
sloppy joes

Also want to make
banana bread (hg p. 234)
coconut tres leches

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