Friday, September 24, 2010

menu 9/22/2010

Oops.  This has been done for 2 days but not published.  Just went to find it and found that out.

I got 4 new cookbooks at the library yesterday and didn't end up picking anything from them.  One was Gourmet today.  I'd seen it on another blog which said it was great.  I wasn't impressed - a bit too gourmet for me at first glance.  The other was a book on beans.  I read though a good bit of info then remembered my sister's recipe for crock pot refried beans and decided to try that instead.  The other 2 are desserts and ice cream.  I will pick something from there.  :)

Crock pot refried beans (Karley's book)
Coconut fingers with Panera broccoli cheddar soup (Karley's book)
6 cheese spinach crespelles
Sloppy joes, green beans (Sat - mom @ RS broadcast)
ham and sweet potato hash
Taco soup - old reliable recipe
Tandoori chicken and naan
Mongolian beef

strawberry mozzarella french toast, or the HG french toast with jam and spreadable swiss

Lemon meringue tartlets (p. 128)
caramel pecan ice cream (p.40 -ic)
strawberry dream ice cream (p. 46, ic)
banana split ice cream (p. 51, ic)
boysenberry buttermilk sherbet (p. 52 -ic - but use loganberry)

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