Thursday, September 2, 2010

Menu 9/2/2010

Just going with some recipes for dinner and some for lunch like last week.  That worked well for a busy school week.  I do have some more time consuming this week though.

Asian pork tenderloin (HC p. 45)  + Sesame snap peas on p. 46
Red curry carrot soup (TOH p. 70)
Savory spiral stuffed rolls  Start early to let bread rise
Mexican rice salad - Sub 1/3 oil for water.  Start early - chills for 1 hour
Louisiana red beans and rice (slow cooker)  TOH p. 60
Orange barley chicken (hc p. 51)
Hot dogs (or possibly for lunch with ribs for dinner.)

Caramel apple stratta (S&D p. 59) - never got to it and I still have all the ingredients

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