Thursday, November 11, 2010

menu 11/11/2010

I'm tempted not to post my menu because I have it written in a calendar right now, and I'm behind a couple of posts.  However, about the time I do that, I'll lose my calendar and not know what I have planned.

Breakfasts - same as last week - I didn't make them.  Boo me.


Brown jug soup. (Fix and Forget p. 46)
Chinese pot roast (f & f p. 101)  Green rice casserole (f & f p. 227)
Sour cream and onion burgers (BC 9/09, p. 40)  Look for a foccacia recipe
Italian sausage mashed potato pie (PB 9/07 p. 28)  mozzerella zucchini (Jami cookes it up.
Chili grilled Halibut with black bean salsa PB 0/00 p. 8 - look for spanish rice recipe
Chicken with oregano peach sauce (BC 9/09 p. 36)

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