Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Menu 11/3/2010

Woo hoo, menu planning done for almost the whole month of November.  What a good day.  Just posting this week's menu for now though.


Cranberry Orange bagels (HC p.28)
Cinnamon pumpkin baked donuts
Cottage cheese and egg muffins
Overnight blueberry french toast


Peachy chicken salad (8/9 HC p. 26)
chicken corn soup (fix f p. 46)
steak san morco (fix f p. 80) with orange glazed carrots (fix f p. 222)
Southwest spinach stratta (8/9 HC p. 36)
Spaghetti with multigrain bread in a jar
Beef and cabbage pitas (PB 9/02 p. 17)
Cod Espana (PB 9/00 p. 6)

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