Thursday, November 18, 2010

Menu 11/18/2010

I think I'm only taking my menu through Tuesday next week.  I'm not ready to plan my whole Thanksgiving today, but I still need to do my grocery shopping for basic things, so I'm going to get my menu done through Tuesday and call it good.  I'll get the rest of the week and Thanksgiving done early next week.

Banana bread pudding (SC R p. 94)
Grandma Betty's Cornflake & cheese pudding (SC R p. 97)
Strawberry-vanilla breakfast cookies (SC R p. 102)
Lemon Ricotta pancakes

Speedy Mexican skillet (PB 9/01 p. 19)
Scandinavian beans (FX f p. 206)
Quesadilla pie (PB 9/07 p. 31)
Treasure stuffed shells (SC r p. 169) but add some flavor to the tomato sauce
Sneaky sliders (SC R p. 141)

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