Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving menu

Thanksgiving Menu

Brined turkey by Alton Brown
Apple pie ??
Cheddar mashed potatoes HC p. 34
Cranberry salad
Fabulous green beans
slow cooker sausage stuffing
Golden Pumpkin pie (King Arthur p. 471-472)

Plan - Make rolls, pies, and cranberry salad Wed.  Rest on Thursday

Other Days this week

Thai Tilapia with Peanut Sauce BC 9/09 - p 20
Mini Turkey pot pies PB 9/07 p. 46 - but use more mom's insides and left over turkey
Taco Macaroni Supper Skillet PB 9/01 p. 26
Ham with left over Thanksgiving sides
Paninnis - Rubens -

Lunch -
Orzo and Tuna Salad bc 9/09 p. 64

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