Thursday, November 25, 2010

So, this post gets my Thanksgiving timing rundown for the year.  Just in case I'm wondering what I did next year.  Was going to add a recipe, but this post is getting very long, so I have decided not to.

Wednesday -

  • Made 4 loaves of bread -for stuffing and just to have. (do this Monday or Tuesday next year) 
  • Made 2 batches of rolls - one for cinnamon rolls and 1 for rolls
    • I froze the rolls - they rose in 2.5-3 hours not 4-6 from frozen.
    • I refrigerated the cinnamon rolls hoping they'd do a slow enough rise in the fridge to be ready in the morning.  They still needed to rise for about 45 min - 1 hour this morning.
  • Made Cranberry salad - started in afternoon - Use the 10 or 12 oz - whatever the smaller bag is of marshmallows.  I used the 16 oz. this time, and it wasn't as juicy. 
  • Made Apple pie
  • Made pumpkin pie crust - wanted to do the whole pie but didn't read ahead to see that I needed to refrigerate the crust.
  • Made the brine for the turkey and got it in the brine - also didn't read ahead to see that I should have done that a lot earlier and put it in the fridge (although I'm not sure where I would have stored it any earlier.)  I ended up making the brine - way too late, then adding a bit of ice to cool it, then  putting it in 2 containers in the freezer to get it very cool.  Then adding ice to make 2 gallons of liquid.  It worked fine, but I definitely should have started that earlier in the day.  Didn't get to bed until 12:30 last night.
  • Boiled eggs for Deviled eggs
  • Diced onions for various dishes tomorrow
  • combined sausage spices
Thanksgiving day
  • Baked the cinnamon rolls
  • Baked the turkey
  • Made the stuffing - 
    • made the sausage - spices were put together last night, but pork was ground and combined this morning.
    • cut and toasted the bread
    • Stuffing into the slow cooker
  • Baked the rolls
  • Made the pumpkin pie
  • Made the mashed potatoes
  • Made the green beans
  • Made the gravy
  • Made the deviled eggs
  • Will still put together a veggie tray.
The menu
  • cinnamon rolls
  • milk
  • Turkey
  • Gravy
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Stuffing
  • Cranberry Salad
  • Green beans
  • Rolls
  • Chips with sour cream and onion dip
  • Deviled eggs
  • Veggie tray
    • baby carrots
    • celery
    • olives
  • Pies - Apple and Pumpkin 
  • Left over lunch for anyone desiring more turkey, stuffing, potatoes etc.

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